About us


Ghosia Textile is one of the fast growing apparel manufacturing industry in Pakistan,We are engaged in manufacturing of knitted garments the story has become now of 13 years by the experience we gained in the recent 13years the Ghosia Textile has remain steady and charged for all the changes that happened through out in the market since that, the organization has gained a vast experience and knowledge and has handled a huge variety in knitted fabrics, buy essay online in usa the experience made us specialized in manufacturing of knitted garments but also kept us closer to our esteemed customer base which is self- expression of our continuous efforts.

It has been a great honor and success for all of us to serve and cater this industry,  but the actual and true reason of accomplishment is our family of 350 skilled and dedicated work force without which this journey wouldn’t be possible to achieve.

Ghosia Textile is bound to follow this basic strategy:

  1. Maintain high level of communication with customers.
  2. Bring up with the best possible level of quality goods.
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Timely delivery
  5. Eco friendly working environment.

Quality Assurance Department is divided into 2-3 different teams Lead by Expert Production Coordinator / Line wise.

Each Quality Inspector has been assigned in individual line to maintain quality and to perform the Bridge Services to connect all other departments of  Factory Management and technical Staff.

All Quality Inspectors Report to Production coordinators / Quality Assurance Manager & superior Chief Operating Officer.

Our all quality Inspectors follow Strict Standards and perform inspection following AQL 2.4 standards. Whereas it could vary as per customer’s requirement.

To meet complete requirement of Global Industry and standards, we always seek to provide our customers The Best. That’s why to ensure the Factory compliances, Certification and social compliance audits, we have a complete educated team maintaining their social / compliances work, talkative with their Workers, making solutions to factory worker’s problems, solving each individual’s problems or making keen efforts for the betterment of skillful and the needy.

We Perform Un-announced audits of all sort to keep an eye to factory Compliances / social Responsibility and their safety / health and environ standards as well as documents procedures are in order or not.

That’s the Reason we are a part of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and we always look further to maintain our quality with all the social and ethical values of business.